Do I need to settle my bill with HSBC Credit card?

Yes. You need to pay the bill via HSBC Card since this event is entirely sponsored by HSBC.


How can I make a reservation?
Once the website is open for public bookings, visit www.restaurantweek.hk select the preferred day, number of persons and the option ‘lunch/dinner’. After clicking ‘search’, a list of AVAILABLE restaurants will pop up. Restaurants with available seats have a pink 'reserve' button. Click the button to start making your booking.


How can I cancel my reservation?
You may cancel your reservation through www.restaurantweek.hk or DiningCity APP. Please note reservations can only be cancelled 1 hour before your reservation time. Please do not contact the restaurant via phone or e-mail to cancel. If you forget to cancel online, the restaurant will mark you as no-show.


How can I change my reservation?
You may change your reservation through www.restaurantweek.hk or DiningcCity APP. Please note reservations can only be changed before 11:00 for lunch or before 17:00 for dinner on that dining day.


What is No shows?
We understand that sometimes you are not able to make it to the lunch or dinner due to last minute emergencies, feeling sick, or you have lost your time when working too hard... Unfortunately late cancellations and no shows reduce the opportunity for other foodies to enjoy the special menu. Your reputation will decrease 20% and the number of your bookable reservations will also drop.

Please change or cancel before the deadline to aviod being marked as no-shows.


I have a special diet. Can the restaurant take this into account?
If you are a vegetarian or allergic to some specific ingredients, please write a comment in the box ‘comments’ on the reservation page. The restaurant will try to handle accordingly. It is advised to notify the restaurant of your special diet once again when arriving.


Why are some restaurants not mentioned in the list?
Unfortunately, those restaurants don’t have any Restaurant Week seats available. Please send us an email at support-hk@diningcity.asia if you would like us to appoach your favorite restaurant.


The restaurant I want is fully booked, what should I do?
Seats are limited, especially at certain times of day when the demand can be really high. Suggest to keep an eye on the website, there might be cancellation at some points. We will let our participating restaurants know that there is a high demand. Our Facebook page will update when restaurants release extra seats.


Why should I review my Restaurant Week meal?
We are a community of foodies who enjoy good meals. Writing reviews are the best way for us to help you find restaurants you’re interested in. It also provides us with valuable feedback we can deliver to our participating restaurants so they can make their experiences even better.

Every time you enjoyed a Lunch/ Dinner, you will receive an email that asks you to review, we appreciate your effort and time.


How many seats should I reserve when I have a child with me?
For children under 3 years old, we suggest you book for adults only, please do write the number of children will come together in the box ‘comments’ on the reservation page, so restaurants can prepare accordingly.

For children above 3 years old, some restaurants do offer kid meal or kid price, therefore if the children will order food for themselve, please reserve a seat for them.


Who organizes Restaurant Week? 
Restaurant Week is organised by DiningCity (www.diningcity.hk) in cooperation with its Presenting Partners.


What is DiningCity?
DiningCity started in 1998 and is the leading worldwide online dining guide. Currently operating in 35 cities. Visitors of the website can search for restaurants, their special menus and make unlimited online reservations.


Can’t find the answer to your question?
Contact us via email at support-hk@diningcity.asia or by phone at +852 2598 5655 and we will try our best to help!